The forests in the Tosco-Emiliano Appenine have existed for hundreds of thousands years. And for hundreds of thousands years they have produced a great quantity of chestnuts and marroni. Mitica srl takes care of selecting the best of these fruits specially for you. And now, let’s have a look at the different stages of manufacturing.

Foaming and soaking

Foaming consists in removing the floating fruits, which are discarded and dispatched to factories. Once foaming has been completed, the fruits are soaked into big tanks to begin the fermentation phase. Once this stage too has been concluded, chestnuts are dried.


Before calibration, the product is dried in special wooden driers.. Calibration consists in separating the fruits according to their brindle, eliminating the flat fruits. This stage is carried out by automatic sizers.

Manual selection and polishing

The manual selection is carried out by skilled operators, followed by the fruit polishing.

Final selection and packaging

Not fully satisfied, after a second polishing phase, the operators check the quality of the fruits once again. Chestnuts and marroni are then packaged.


The goods are packaged only when ordered. Our fruits are distributed all around Europe.