NandoAThe ‘marrone‘ has a white, crispy and pleasant pulp, with a sugary flavour. It comes up in an oval or heart-shaped form, with a light and large-ribbed skin. Marroni are very different from the more common chestnuts, and the ‘marrone’ stands out for its flavour, which is sweeter and more scented: it contains the aroma and flavours typical of the local forests, and it is protected by a dark brown skin and a thin pellicle which can be taken away extremely easlily.

In this part of the Appenine between Tuscany and Emilia there are many chestnut forests that overlook the valleys, and marroni are the symbol of our cultural, rural and culinary tradition. Our company deals with finding the best fruits among the several local producers, and with selling them with the name of ‘Marrone Nando‘.

Chestnut and marroni manufacturing

30 t. per dayChestnut and marroni daily selection and packaging.
CalibrationFrom 100 and over 45/50 on demand, with a deduction of 5 units.
Packaging0.5, 1, 2 and 3 kg in ginsac
5, 10, 20, 30 kg in net or juta sacks
LogisticsSame-day dispatches and fulfillment of orders AxA

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